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Lobbyists Prepare Eleventh-Hour Messaging Before August Recess

Kate Ackley, Roll Call
July 9, 2012

The four-week stretch before the August recess might sound like a long haul, especially for this Congress. But by lobbyists’ count, they have at most 16 legislative days left before politics completely swamps the Capitol Hill agenda.

“You’re squeezed,” GOP lobbyist Kathryn Lehman of Holland & Knight said. “You’ve got four weeks left before we really go into total political mode. We’re mostly there now on the big stuff.”

Lobbyists say they’re devoting attention to unfinished spending bills. “We’re planning on having a defense authorization bill and a Defense appropriations bill conferenced and passed before the end of the calendar year,” said Michael Herson, who runs American Defense International (ADI).

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